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    Learn about the business opportunities your company can derive from a well thought out mobility strategy with a rapid return on investment and low cost of ownership.


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  • Technical Overview of LongRange

    Technical Overview

    Find out how LongRange helps developers with RPG, COBOL or CL expertise to build mobile apps for iOS and Android without having to learn new languages.


All of these native mobile apps were developed with only LongRange, RPG and DDS.
You need no HTML, no JavaScript, no CSS, no PHP, no Java and no Objective C.

iPad 1 iPad 1 iPhone 1 iPad 2 iPad 3 iPhone 2 iPhone 2

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Why you should choose the LongRange mobile app builder

  • LongRange is a native mobile app, like Twitter, Skype and Salesforce, downloaded from the appropriate App store; it’s not a web app that runs on the server and it doesn’t rely on a web browser to deliver information to the mobile client. It’s invoked via the LongRange icon on the mobile device. It executes like a native app should – very fast and with rock solid reliability.
  • Focused entirely on IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) developers – the LongRange mobile app builder enables you to build and maintain stylish, modern and business focused mobile application solutions without needing to acquire a whole new set of additional (and possibly unachievable) skills set like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Java or Objective-C.
  • The LongRange mobile app builder is based on two fundamental principles: The mobile app development and maintenance process must have a short Time-to-Market and a justifiable Total-Cost-of-Ownership – both vitally important to IBM i development sites constrained by restricted budgets, “never enough” time and ever-present resource limitations.
  • There are no new skills to learn – you only need your RPG, COBOL or CL with DDS expertise, you can use the LongRange mobile app builder to deliver mobile apps to a user community very quickly and you can maintain and extend them with a minimum of time and cost.
  • There is no "powerful JavaScript editor"; there is no "just a small amount of JavaScript to learn"; there is no "you can easily edit and change the generated HTML" and there is no "the browser UI is fully customizable". With LongRange, there is no need for any of that. There’s nothing new to learn. Only RPG, COBOL or CL with DDS is required.

"Truthfully, anyone who sees this product and how easy it is to use will fall in love with it.
This should be ‘standard fare’ for anyone with an IBM i."

Greg Johnson Mincron Software Systems, Houston, Texas Read the Mincron Case Study...

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