Additional and advanced LongRange guides are available upon request. They include:

Documentation Why and when you should use this material
Programming LongRange with JavaScript You can program LongRange with RPG, COBOL, CL and RDMLX (LANSA) alone. If you happen to have HTML and JavaScript skills, you can also use them to program LongRange. This approach may allow you to add value to existing HTML and JavaScript applications coded in PHP, CGI-DEV2, etc.
Offline Foundation Tutorials If you want to add some offline or local form capabilities to your LongRange online form application do this tutorial. Note that you should not attempt these tutorials until you have solid knowledge and experience with online LongRange usage.
Offline Advanced Tutorials You should not attempt these tutorials until you have a solid knowledge of the material in the foundation tutorials.

To obtain copies of these documents please request them via the LongRange Forum. In your request please let us know whether you are programming in RPG, COBOL, CL or LANSA.

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